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Helen Demeter } The Bohemian Beauty
Prompt: 'Who were you before, on the Surface?'

Summary: Helen doesn't remember much on the Surface. (Daphne remembers too much.)

Notes: Meant for ebzwrites at fallen_london community. No profit is being made. I own nothing but Helen/Daphne and Williams.

Helen doesn't remember much about her life before coming to the Neath. A head injury that almost leaves one Dead can do that to a person.

What she can remember?Collapse )
Helen Demeter } The Bohemian Beauty
16 March 2012 @ 08:08 pm
Prompt: A dream about whispers.

Summary: Joanna dreams about the north. It goes well as one expects from her.

Notes: Meant for ebzwrites at fallen_londonccmmunity. No profit is being made from this. I don't own anything but Joanna and Andrea.

Warnings: None for Joanna.

'North... North...'

The Scholar dips her head low in an attempt to ignore the voice but it's futile. It always is. Her lips curls oh so slightly in disgust and distaste when the honey sweet words reach her ears. She hates the voice that says those words. Not only because of the meaning, the invitation for decay and destruction and desire.

'Joanna?'Collapse )
Helen Demeter } The Bohemian Beauty
25 December 2011 @ 03:57 am
 Happy Holidays! To show my love for you all, I made icons. Bince Tinypic and LiveJournal are having teaming up to fight against me, I'll post the icons I can post and continually update.

Since some of you guys have either hard to find PBs or none at all, I made icons that have items related to them. Merry Christmas, everyone!

1 - 3: Eris Fnord
4 - 6: Gabriel Flynn
5 - 9: Scarlet Fenwick
10 -  12: Theodor Gylden
13 - 15: Bartholomaew
16 - 18: Narci
19 - 21: Midnight Voyager
22 - 24: Polly Gorey
26 - 27. Thomas Puz
28 - 30: Laura Riding
31 - 33: Becquerel Curie
34 - 36: Asclepius Unbound
35 - 39: Nathan Attford
40 - 42: Louis Plumb
43 - 45: Cecile Beringer
46 - 48: Henrik Paulsen

'Better to give than to get.'Collapse )

Helen Demeter } The Bohemian Beauty
01 November 2011 @ 08:55 am
In Echo Bazaar, most of the characters don't have real names. They're referred to titles of their positions -- The Bishop of Southwark (though you learn his name later on if you're willing to shell out Fate), the Duchess and the Provost for example. Or the characters have titles that basically describe them like The Barbed Wit, the Knuckle-Scarred Inspector, the Stuttering Fence.

So! Here's a list of what I think my characters' titles would be in the game. Leave a comment if you have one for your character! I would love to hear them. :D

"It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles." - Niccolo MachiavelliCollapse )

Helen Demeter } The Bohemian Beauty
30 October 2011 @ 08:25 pm
Part two of the story! Because, apparently, this is bigger than LJ had expected Leave a comment here if you have anything to say~ I would love to hear the characters' reactions to this.

Again, much thanks to Middy, Elle, Brian and Sarah for letting me borrow their characters for this. All the heartshapes are for you guys. Enjoy the story!

Title: Surrogate

SummaryI can’t anymore, you see. They made sure of that a long time ago. Remember? I can’t anymore, I just can’t. But Lizzie, sweetie, you can. In which people are broken, things are questioned and lines are crossed.

Notes: AU!EBZ story so not considered canon at all. Inspired by a collection of nightmares I’ve been having from October 10 to October 21 and an urban legend here in my village.

Since this is six years in the future, Circle changed in some ways like Puz, Eris, Gabriel, Middy and Polly being official members of it and titles have been changed. (I.E Rupert ‘the Neddyman’ -> Rupert ‘the Revolutionist’ and so forth.)

Warnings: Graphic and disturbing imagery, blunt descriptions of a child’s death, insanity and self-harm. Contains some small spoilers to the planned Face Arc I have in store.


"Do you believe in things that you don't understand?" - Stevie WonderCollapse )